Squash Blossom Farm

Fresh, Natural Produce Grown in the Wood River Valley

Squash Blossom Farm is a small, sustainable farm in Bellevue, Idaho run by Sara Berman and Ed Zinader. We produce diverse, delicious food for the Wood River Valley.  This farm grew from our desire to be true to our passions and create a livelihood that gives back to our community.  We want to take care of the earth and leave our little part of the world better for future generations.  Squash Blossom Farm was born in 2015 on a tight budget and we are amazed by the happiness it generates and the inspiration we get from our surroundings and the food we grow.  Our little farm has allowed us to create many connections with the amazing people and businesses of the Wood River Valley that continue to support our local food.  We strive to grow high quality, fresh vegetables produced with sustainable natural techniques for all to enjoy.   

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